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Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Communication Foundations


About Me.

Join us for a heartwarming and educational 6-week series designed for the tiniest members of our community!

Each class is priced at $40, but we've got some special offers for our enthusiastic families:

Our Classes Offer:

Interacting with Baby

The perfect kick-off to our series! Discover the joy of bonding through interactive play and sensory experiences.

Building Foundation for Language

Explore the beginnings of language development through gentle activities and baby-friendly exercises.

Gestures and Signing

Uncover the magic of communication as we delve into the world of baby gestures and basic signing.

Joint Attention and Engagement

Enhance your baby's social skills through shared attention and engaging activities.

Interactive Book Reading

Introduce the love of storytelling to your little one through interactive and colorful books.

Oral Exploration

The final class focuses on safe and enjoyable oral exploration, encouraging your baby's sensory development.


Single Class: $40 per class


Bundle Offer: Sign up for all 6 classes and enjoy a 15% discount!

Bright Futures Chiropractic Member Exclusive: Practice members receive an exclusive 20% discount on all classes.


Tuesdays: 9:30-10:30am

Come join us for a magical journey of discovery, growth, and precious moments with your little one. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today!


Our Baby Bonding Series is tailored for infants aged 3-12 months, providing a delightful exploration into the world of early development and connection.

Class Themes:

Class 1 
Interacting with Baby

Class 2 
Building Foundation for Language

Class 3
Gestures and Signing

Class 4
Joint Attention and Engagement

Class 5
Interactive Book Reading

Class 6 
Oral Exploration


Series 1: February 2- March 8

Series 2: April 5 - May 10


Bright Futures Play Place
914 S Arthur  Ave, Arlington Heights, IL


Shoes Off, Socks at All Times

we recommend non-slip socks!

No Strollers

Must Wash Hands Before Play

No Food in Play Area

Gentle Play:

We love energy, but let's remember to play gently, no running or pushing, to keep everyone smiling!

Stay Healthy:

If anyone's feeling under the weather, we recommend taking a rain check to keep all our friends healthy and happy.

To guarantee a seamless playtime, pre-register today as walk-ins won't be accommodated. Reserving your spot ensures uninterrupted fun!  
Please note, we reserve the right to cancel open play on the day due to low enrollment. 
We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hosting your play-packed adventure!

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