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Step into a World of Wonder at Our Nature-Based Play Area!

Dive into a World Where Nature Fuels Neurodevelopment: Our open play area is designed to spark imagination and boost cognitive growth in children, blending the magic of nature with the science of learning.

Benefits for All:

Our nature-based play area isn't just about fun—it's an investment in your child's future, promoting mental well-being, resilience, and a lifelong love for nature.

A Place for All Ages:

Whether your little ones are exploring their first steps or embarking on new adventures, our play area caters to various developmental stages.

 Nature's Playground:

With sprawling green spaces, natural elements, and interactive setups, children can explore, learn, and develop crucial motor skills in an environment inspired by the great outdoors.

 Cozy Play Haven:

We keep our play area cozy and fun by limiting the number of kiddos. It's all about ensuring a delightful experience without the overstimulation. 

 Joyous Play:

We regularly update our toy collection to keep the play area engaging and ever-changing.

Cognitive Growth:

Every swing, climb, and slide nurtures neurodevelopment while fostering creativity, problem-solving, and social skills.

Join us in cultivating a space where play, nature, and neurodevelopment harmonize to shape bright futures. Come and let your child thrive amidst the wonders of our open play area!"

Unlock your child's potential amidst the beauty of nature. Come and play with us today!

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Open Play Schedule

Ready for endless Open Play?

Calling all Open Play enthusiasts!

Learn about our Open Play Packs available, perfect for kiddos who love Open Play and for parents who love saving!


Shoes Off, Socks at All Times

we recommend non-slip socks!

No Strollers

Must Wash Hands Before Play

No Food in Play Area

Gentle Play:

We love energy, but let's remember to play gently, no running or pushing, to keep everyone smiling!

Stay Healthy:

If anyone's feeling under the weather, we recommend taking a rain check to keep all our friends healthy and happy.

To guarantee a seamless playtime, pre-register today as walk-ins won't be accommodated. Reserving your spot ensures uninterrupted fun!  
Please note, we reserve the right to cancel open play on the day due to low enrollment. 
We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hosting your play-packed adventure!

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