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Young Moms Staying Fit

Bring Your Own Baby


About Me.

Where we celebrate the beautiful bond between caregivers and their little ones! Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that strengthens your spiritual, emotional, and physical connection.

Our unique class goes beyond yoga, integrating interactive postures for both adults and babies aged 4 weeks to crawling stage.

This class is recommended for age 3 months to 12 months!

BYOB Yoga isn't just a fitness class; it's a celebration of the caregiver-child relationship. Flow through gentle postures, feeling the harmonious blend of serenity and strength that fosters well-being beyond the mat.

Embrace the journey of caregiving with BYOB Yoga - it's more than a class; it's a celebration of love and connection. 

Price: $35/Class

Saturdays: 10:30am


Saturday, February 3 &
Saturday, March 2 


Bright Futures Play Place 

Led by:

Fotini Galm


Shoes Off, Socks at All Times

we recommend non-slip socks!

No Strollers

Must Wash Hands Before Play

No Food in Play Area

Gentle Play:

We love energy, but let's remember to play gently, no running or pushing, to keep everyone smiling!

Stay Healthy:

If anyone's feeling under the weather, we recommend taking a rain check to keep all our friends healthy and happy.

To guarantee a seamless playtime, pre-register today as walk-ins won't be accommodated. Reserving your spot ensures uninterrupted fun!  
Please note, we reserve the right to cancel open play on the day due to low enrollment. 
We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hosting your play-packed adventure!

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